Comprehensive and Unbiased Ratings

Croudify Ratings uses more than 11 million records to analyze loan performance. Our models use advance analytics, Machine Learning and AI to create most comprehensive loan ratings engine. We track loans through its life to provide you the most latest view of your portfolio.

Portfolio Ratings

Our Portfolio rating tool analyzes each portfolio from loan level up. This loan level analysis is then combined with correlation and co-variance matrices across Gaussian distribution to give you a single rating for your entire portfolio.

Portfolio Pricing

Our advanced default and prepayment models are combined with our forward rate curves and current industry rates to give you the current portfolio valuation. This allows a portfolio manager to do more efficient tax and capital planning.

Performance Attribution

Our advance visualization tools helps portfolio managers to drill down any portfolio and loan pools to find the attributes that are the most important.

Portfolio Rebalancing

Our automated portfolio management adviser using our ratings and pricing can constantly re-balance your portfolio according to a given mandate at fraction of a cost of traditional methods.

For Platforms

Credit Risk Framework

Credit Risk Framework

Our dedicated team of scientists can help you to build your credit risk framework from ground up. The Framework consists of processes for consistently rating the loans; a framework to create a risk culture in your organization and ease to scaling up seamlessly

Credit Modeling

Credit Modeling

Our researchers team has more than 50 years of experience in building credit models. We bring advance methods like Machine Learning and Neural networks to credit risk models so that you can be assured that you have one of the best models in the industry.

Ratings Scorecard

Ratings Scorecard

With models built across various platforms we can help you to benchmark your data and models so that you can create investment framework that is comparable and consistent compared to the other industry players.

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