Why Croudify

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Currently in Public beta we are completely free, the only fees you pay is to Lending Club.


The Data is updated every 5 minutes. Our servers are constantly downloading the data from lending club platform and indexing them so that you can use them on the fly. Approximate time to download and index the data is anywhere from 35 – 40 seconds.

The cash holdings in your account are updated at the time of your login on Croudify platform. Your all note holdings are updated every day at 11:00 am PST (time Lending Club updates your data).

Loan Status is updated on a daily basis at 9:00 pm PST.

Loan Payment file is usually available from lending Club in the last week of the month. Our update of the payment information usually happens the same week as the information becomes available.


Our trading Platform (trade.croudify.com) is protected by 2048 bit encryption key (Link to our security policy). In addition to that we have used the best code scramblers available in the industry on our site. This scrambling ensures that if someone tries to look at the source code of our platform to hack it the only thing they will see is some garbage. Finally we have locked our entire codebase to our site, so nobody from outside can hack our code and use it to access your information.

We currently use your lending club credentials to validate your API key and regenerate your API key in case there is an error in order execution.

Your Lending Club password is stored in a secured database after encrypting it with a 256 bit algorithm so that nobody can read it. When the system needs to use the credentials an automated program decrypts the password and uses it securely to validate the credentials. At no point of time any Croudify employee gets access to your Lending Club or Croudify password.

You money in Lending Club account belongs to you and Croudify cannot get access to that money. We as your proxy can only buy and sell notes based on the money available in your Lending Club account but have no control of your money there. At any time you can login to your Lending Club account and manage it.


As a rule we do not share your personal information with any marketing agencies or any solicitation companies. For more information you can check our detailed Privacy Policy (link to privacy policy).

Croudify Rating

Croudify Rating is a risk rating provided by Croudify platform using our proprietary algorithm, that includes original platform rating and additional information that has become available for the loan since origination. You can think of these ratings as Platform+ ratings.

Ratings of loans represent the credit risk for borrower. For any loan the higher the credit risk lower the rating. This credit risk profile changes as the borrower pays down his/her loan and other commitments and decreases his debt. We at Croudify have developed a proprietary rating model that uses this update in borrower credit profile to provide the Croudify rating.

Croudify Ratings are updated monthly

If the loan Status changes from Current to some other status how fast does your rating change?

Croudify Recommended Prices

Croudify Recommended Note price is a combination of modeled price for the loan (based on Croudify rating & duration) + past trading history of similar loans. The percentage contribution of both components is continuously assessed based on existing economic factors and is changed accordingly.

Pricing of any loans represent two things credit risk and liquidity risk since you are risking your money for 3-5 years.

As the loan starts paying the liquidity risk keeps on decreasing so even if the credit score for a borrower does not change the pricing of the loan will go up since the liquidity risk for the loan is going down.

In addition to loan term the seasoning of loans as well as forward default curves and prepayment curves are used in determining the pricing of the loans. A sample of Charge-off curve available from Lending Club is below:


Prices are modeled once a month, when the payment information for the loans is available. After that the recommended prices are increased by the outstanding interest daily as the payment date comes near.