Benefits of Investing using Croudify

  • Simplified Investing

    Our real time buy sell advice makes buying the best loans on any platform simple and efficient. With this advice you can be certain you are buying the best loans on the platform without spending hours in filtering to find best loans.

  • Customized Advice

    Our Machine Learning and AI based engine helps you build portfolios that are customized to your risk profile, thus providing risk vs returns award that suits your needs.

  • Superior Returns

    Our proprietary models build using ML across life of loans helps you to find better loans that can improve your returns.

  • Unified View

    Our unified trading platform allows you to invest in both new and mature loans from a single interface.

  • Lightning fast Execution

    Our high frequency trading engine can rate and buy any loans in milliseconds thus giving you a distinct advantage in buying the loans from a bigger pool.

  • Fully Automated

    With a single click you can automate buying and selling of loans that can ensure all your money is always efficiently deployed reducing the cash drag and eliminating losers.

  • Standardized Ratings

    Our Bond level ratings allows you to compare your investments with other fixed income assets. We also provide a standard rating to all loans across platforms making the performance and investment comparison easy.

  • Pricing Guidance

    For all new and mature loans we provide pricing guidance using advanced credit, prepayment and interest rate models.

  • Enterprise Level Security

    Our entire site runs on SSL and encrypts all the data. Our security is similar to the biggest banks in the industry.