Why Open a New Account on Croudify

As an Investor while trying to get superior returns with your investments at Croudify you have two choices for account management,

  1. Open an account at the native platform and merge it with Croudify or use your existing platform account to trade on Croudify
  2. Open a completely new account on Croudify and let them manage your native platform accounts

Merge existing account with Croudify

At first blush this choice looks like a no-brainier;

  • I have better control of my account
  • In case Croudify ceases to exists tomorrow your assets would be safe
  • I can do some trading outside the Croudify platform

Lets handle all these one by one

I have better control of my account

Yes you do have two accounts that you can individually manage but it does not mean you have more control, actually you have more reconciliation problems. If there is some change you have to make on your account since Croudify is not the custodian of your account you have to go to native platform and make the change. Once the change is made on the platform then you have to come back on Croudify to ensure that the change did not break the integration. When you have only once account these issues are moot.

My account is safe if Croudify ceases to exists

Yes this is true but even when you open an account with Croudify your assets are under a separate custodian that owns all your assets. The only change for you in case Croudify stops to exists is you will get a new native platform login and password with your assets untouched. So you will go back to your individual account state. If we continue to exists you will continue to reconcile two accounts.

I can also trade outside the Croudify platform

Again yes this is true but doing this will hurt your returns. At Croudify we pride ourselves in finding you the best loans among the population of loans. Also our high speed trading engine gives you the fastest execution in the industry, so most probably by trading outside you are buying something that is not comparable to the best loans you can buy on Croudify

Open a new account on Croudify

Opening a new account at Croudify while gives you an advantage of simplified management and single resource management there are more benefits of opening an account with us.

  • Find new assets & Platforms (Only Lending Club currently)
  • Customized Investing
  • Better returns
  • Single account to manage all accounts

Lets explain these in detail

Find new Assets & Platforms

Croudify will be building a Kayak of investment sites where you will be able to find and add new assets and platforms to your investment portfolio (Currently we only offer Investing in Lending Club). Once you like a new asset and want to add it to your existing account it will be as simple as clicking a button to open an account on a new platform and adding that asset.

Customized Advice

With our Goal Advisory you can get custom portfolios that are build specifically for your financial & life situation. The Goal advisory service is built to minimize your time spent in investing so that you can enjoy your life and be worry free about the growth of your money or for achieving financial goals.

Better Returns

A customized portfolio building is also built to find better returns for a given amount of risk. Our research team is constantly working to find you the alpha and our models build using ML & AI helps us to get that alpha.

Single Account to Manage it all

When there are multiple platforms available on Croudify, you will be able to integrate all and will only need to manage one account and provide guidance only at one place, rather than n+1 places that you will face when you open accounts at multiple places. This reduces time spent in reconciliation and ensures that there are no conflicts in your investment philosophy across platforms.


In the end how you want to manage your money is a personal decision. We strongly believe that we as money managers can do the best job for you in the complex world of alternative investing. Happy Investing !!!